(By Dan Delzell) What will be the next step in the evolution of the gender revolution? Well, try to imagine a day when parents wait until their child goes to kindergarten before assigning their gender identity. “It will never happen,” you say. Don’t be so sure. Gender-neutral parenting is already seen by some parents as the only fair way to raise a child these days. These headlines over the past few years reveal a shocking development:

“5-Yr-Old Child Given OK to Start Sex Change in Australia”

“US Parents Accept Child’s Transgender Identity by Age Three”

“Furious Parents Slam ‘Damaging’ BBC Sex Change Show Aimed at 6-Year Olds”

“Child, 4, World’s Youngest-Ever ‘Sex Change’ Patient”

“Gender-Neutral Parenting Ignores Science: Brains of Boys and Girls Are Different”

“Why I’m Raising My Kids to Be Gender Neutral”

“Gender-Neutral Parenting: Letting Kids Choose”

These headlines may sound like a science fiction plot or even a horror movie, but it’s not make-believe. Some little children today are actually being led down such a pernicious path. READ MORE