In a crazy story coming out of the Mideast, It appears that Iran has just announced it set to impose sanctions on 15 US companies for supporting Israel’s “terrorist actions” as part of reprisals for the increasing pressure being announced by Washington lawmakers. So what exactly does this mean? ¬†According to the report, This decision comes only days after the US announced new sanctions against groups and individuals that it accuses of collaborating with Iran’s nuclear weapons program. In plain terms, this new bill will label the CIA and the US Army as “Terrorists Groups”.

Excerpt From Arutz Sheva 7:
The sanctions target firms that provide arms and equipment to Israel “for use against the Palestinians”, IRNA said. “All transactions with these firms are forbidden, their assets will be seized and their officials will not be able to obtain a visa,” it added. The list included defense firms such as United Technologies, Military Armament Corporation and Bushmaster Firearms International, as well as Re/Max Real Estate, which Tehran accuses of “buying and selling homes in settlements located in the occupied territories”.