Move over North Korea! Now The Chinese military is picking a fight with America as reports indicate that they have just issued a warning to a U.S. Air Force B-1 bomber flying in the East China Sea this Wednesday morning amid continuing tensions in the region. Sources indicate that the Chinese Government has claimed that the U.S. bomber was flying in international airspace and continued on its mission—albeit without its wingman.

Excerpt From Fox News:
Fox News has learned that two B-1 bombers were supposed to launch a patrol from Guam to the Korean Peninsula as part of training exercises with the South Koreans, hours after the failed North Korean missile launch. Only one B-1 bomber was able to take off. The other was scrubbed due to maintenance issues. The Chinese warning came over the emergency radio frequency known as “guard,” according to one official. The incident unfolded when the American bomber was flying 70 miles southwest of the South Korean island of Jeju.