Another day, Another professing atheist group that is set out to file a lawsuit! This latest event is coming out of Texas where a group of Atheists has filed a lawsuit against a judge over his practice of opening court with a prayer from a local chaplain.

The Christian News Network previously reported, that the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) first sent a letter to Judge Wayne Mack of Willis in 2014, stating that it had received a complaint from an attorney and a local citizen. Apparently, this lone citizen said they felt coerced to participate out of fear of being disrespectful. This letter was reported to have been ignored.  The complaint didn’t end there.

Excerpt From The Christian News Network:
The FFRF then sent a complaint to the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct, which—along with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick—then requested that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issue a formal opinion on the prayers in Mack’s courtroom.Last August, Paxton upheld Mack’s prayer practice as being lawful and consistent with both American history and legal precedent. He pointed to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Town of Greece v. Galloway.