( Reported By Rick Joyner) Rick Joyner recently gave an interesting perspective regarding UFO sightings and Aliens and how they may be mentioned in the book of Revelation.. There are a couple of additional points about the throne of God in Revelation 4 that we should consider. As we touched on before, we see many different beings in the heavenly or spiritual realm in Scripture. One point to consider is that Satan was only able to draw a third of the angels to follow him in rebellion. Some think that because one-third of the angels fell and two-thirds did not, the good outnumbers the bad 2-1. This is far from the case.

Angels are the spiritual beings we are most familiar with because they are the primary messenger beings we interact with, but there are many other types of spiritual beings. None of the other spiritual beings fell, and so the good in the spiritual realm outnumber the bad by an incalculable number. But it is not really about numbers. If all but God had fallen, His goodness would still far outweigh all of the fallen. READ MORE