(By Eddie Hyatt) It is being reported that witches and warlocks are coming out in force and seeking to mix a magical brew that will do damage to Donald Trump and his supporters. Many Christians seem frantic and even frightened at this report. I want to suggest, however, that the only brew they can mix is one of fear and every Christian should throw it out as useless and worthless. This fact was made real to me many years ago, when a well-known witch attended services in the church Sue

and I were planting in eastern Canada. Several people came to me very concerned about the presence of this witch. They wondered if she was trying to work some spell or magical charm on our fledgling congregation. Out of concern, several of us met together to pray about the situation. While praying, I saw a vision of a room filled with smoke (representing witchcraft) and then a wind (representing the Spirit of God) that came along and blew the smoke away. The smoke had no substance or strength with which to resist the wind, and it was suddenly gone. CONTINUE