(By Bill Cloud) Obama’s gone – hallelujah! Hillary didn’t win – even better. And the nation has been saved … well, hold on, let’s think about this.   As an American, I am delighted that Clinton was denied the White House, and that’s putting it mildly. However, as a believer, I still have concerns about the future of the nation and the new administration. Where the nation is concerned, are we truly prepared to change our hearts and not just our policies? Where President Trump is concerned,

will he conduct himself as a true servant of the people and behave as the new Christian many have claimed him to be? Has the nation really been saved? On all counts, I am hopeful that the response is, “Yes and Amen.” Of course, only in time can the final answer to these questions be revealed, but let me say this today: Though there have already been some encouraging signs, I do not believe the issue is settled. It is pending, and God is watching. READ MORE