(Reported By Jim Denison) Lee Shing Chak is a “world-class fortuneteller who combines the ancient art of feng shui and the modern practice of statistics to divine what the future holds.” He wants us to know that he predicted the spread of Ebola, the death of Osama bin Laden, a nuclear crisis in Japan and the winner of the 2014 World Cup.

Now he is making predictions for us based on our birth year. If you were born in 1958 (like me), 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006, yours is the “year of the dog.” (I’m not sure I appreciate the title.) He tells us 2017 will be “fairly busy for you, with little time to relax and unwind.” And he warns that we should prepare for a sudden illness or serious natural disaster. Of course, so should everyone else.

The story goes on, but you get the idea. For each category, Mr. Lee predicts good fortune as well as challenges for which we should prepare. As with all such fortune-telling, his predictions are so ambiguous that their fulfillment depends not on him but on us. CONTINUE