Recent storms have challenged Northern California’s five-year drought, but Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on roads and property. The doors were shuttered on Wednesday and Thursday at Liberty Motors, where a huge sinkhole opened near the parking lot behind the dealership and its former building next door, which was recently sold to Tripp’s Auto Body. Liberty Motors and Tripp’s resides on top of a culvert that failed. The culvert is a tributary to Little Wolf Creek.

While it hasn’t been established for certain that weather is to blame, it also isn’t the first to open this week. A sinkhole about 15 feet in diameter opened underneath The Stonehouse in Nevada City on Tuesday. “The exact cause is something we’re still trying to determine, but due to it failing, it’s created a sinkhole about 80 to 100 feet deep, probably 60-by-50 at the top, so it’s a fairly big hole at this point in time,” said Tim Kiser, the public works director for the City of Grass Valley. READ MORE