(By Joe Mckeever) Mediocrity is a warm blanket. Mediocrity is remaining with the bunch that finishes neither early or late, that turns in work much like everyone else’s, that is satisfied with pretty good. Mediocrity is the head in the sand when the storm is raging around us. Close your eyes until it all blows over. Mediocrity is the coward’s way out when life-or-death decisions are being made. “Well, let’s give this some more thought.” “Let’s not be too hasty here.” “We don’t want people to think we’re extremists.”

There’s safety in mediocrity. We’re like everyone around us. We don’t stand out. No one criticizes us. They don’t even see us. We blend into the landscape. Our English word “mediocre” comes from two Latin words: “medi,” meaning “halfway,” and “ocris,” meaning “mountain.” Somewhere there is a list of everyone climbing to the crest of Mount Everest. But no one ever bothered to note those who got halfway up and turned around for home. READ MORE