All over the country this year at Decision America Tour events, believers said they were crying out to God for revival and a great awakening in America. With the election now past and many unknowns ahead, we need such a move of God to come quickly. Decision recently spoke with Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish rabbi, about what it will take to spiritually revive the church and the nation. Cahn is a best-selling author and was a featured speaker at the May 5 National Day of Prayer event in Washington, D.C.

Q. It has been suggested that the church is asleep. Do you believe that’s true, and if so, do you see any signs of it beginning to wake up?

A. I believe much of the church is asleep—but not all. There are several things hindering the church from being the true salt it is supposed to be to the world. One is a culture of comfort and prosperity, a me-centered faith. Another is distraction, because we are so plugged into everything else and so overwhelmed by the world and media and entertainment that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for spiritual growth or power. Another is fear, because the church overall is on the defensive now. Some of today’s most famous pastors appear to be afraid to speak on those issues that would have been priorities for the biblical prophets. CONTINUE