On Tuesday’s episode of “The TD Jakes Show,” Jakes interviewed his fellow Texas megachurch pastor about his experiences starting out as a senior pastor following the death of his father. “When I stepped up for my dad, thoughts told me that, ‘you know what, Joel? You’re not going to know what to say. Nobody’s going to listen to you,'” recalled Osteen, who preached at Jakes’ 2013 MegaFest event in Dallas, Texas.

“The church had 6,000 people when my dad died, and so I was getting up there in front of, you know, all these people, never having ministered before.” Osteen went on to say, “if I continued to dwell on those kinds of thoughts, I would have never moved forward. I’ve learned this Bishop: you can either talk yourself into your dreams or you can talk yourself out of your dreams.” READ MORE