Iquitos, Peru, is known as a global hub for so-called “spiritual tourism.” Thousands flock to the jungle village each year seeking spiritual encounters and a dangerous drink called ayahuasca. But the dark magic that’s so common here is no match for the power of Christ. “It’s a tremendous testimony to the power of the Word and the faithfulness of those who continue to give it and preach in the face of the enemy,” states Helen Williams of World Missionary Press.

She’s referring to what happened last Sunday. “Our partner just sent us an email that said … a man almost ran to the front of the church to give his heart to Jesus,” Williams shares. “He belonged to a cult of Satanists. … They’d been sent out to destroy the largest churches that were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and this man had been assigned to this church in Iquitos. But he could not resist the power of God, and ended up receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior.” READ MORE