While the FBI and the Justice Department dig into some 650,000 emails on the computer of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, the man who reported back in August that Abedin was sending classified emails to her non-secure account is explaining how the trail leads to where we are now – and he predicts the “biggest scandal in U.S. history” is about to break loose. Jerome Corsi, a senior staff writer at WND.com and author of “Partners in Crime,” first reported in late August that

Abedin forwarded work-related emails to her private account after he scoured a report on emails from the watchdog group Judicial Watch. “I was looking it over, and it hit me, ‘She just forwarded that email to herself. Why would she do that?’ I started looking, and I realized there had been about 300 emails released by Judicial Watch. I realized she forwarded 200 of them to herself,” Corsi told WND and Radio America. READ MORE