The Republican Party’s Israel representative, attorney Mark Zell, said that all indications show Donald Trump will be the next US president. “His chances are improving from day to day both in national polls and in the swing states, we are either level or in the lead. According to all the reports we have from various states, all the indications show us winning on the 8th of November. I was invited to be at campaign headquarters on the day of the elections and I am considering going there.”

Zell added that “after the elections, America will have to take stock and recognize that the main media outlets in America and Israel – besides Arutz Sheva which is balanced and fair and I hope you will continue in this manner – are all biased in favor of Clinton. It is a universal, international phenomenon that everybody is against Trump. We are very disturbed by this phenomenon and I hope that, after our victory, things will change.” FULL REPORT