This might be the most wonderful story you hear all week. A little three-year-old boy has made a miraculous recovery after his family was prepared to turn off his life support machine. Dylan Askin, from South Derbyshire, was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer – Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis – in December 2015. He was then just two years old.

‘The doctors kept having conversations with us saying, “he’s not going to make it”,’ Dylan’s father, Mike, told The Telegraph. When Dylan’s condition deteriorated earlier this year, his parents were told to say their final farewell, his big brother Bryce, six, already having said goodbye. ‘His temperature was fluctuating through the night and his heart rate was at 200, we were just waiting for him to enter cardiac arrest, as awful as that sounds,’ Dylan’s mother, Kerry, said. READ MORE