As I type this up from my perch in Houston — an area more at risk for a meteor impact than a major earthquake — learning of one of the first ever, “earthquake advisories” issued for Los Angeles sounds like something out of the movies. Geologists with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (CEPEC) say a 7.0 could hit at any moment either today or tomorrow.

The reason for the hype? A large grouping of micro-quakes have occurred with high frequency — one after another — under the Salton Sea, a lake located directly on the San Andreas fault southeast of Los Angeles. Earth scientists say this, “swarm” of quakes could act like the wick to a firework, triggering the infamous San Andreas fault to unleash a historic and devastating 7.0+ quake right through our nation’s 2nd largest city. The San Andreas fault typically shakes once every 200 years, but according to geological history it hasn’t since the 17th century. If 1680 was the last big one, LA is about 136 years overdue! READ MORE