A new report is indicating that Israel may be preparing for a war against Iran and Hezbollah in the very near future. Amid the carnage of Syria’s civil war, well into its sixth year, Is­raeli military chiefs say that Iran and its prized proxy, Hezbollah, are surrepti­tiously seeking to establish a new front in an older conflict, the Iran-backed group’s 30-year war against the Jewish state that until recently was waged almost exclusively from neighboring Lebanon.

The center of this strategy, which Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasral­lah, has frequently espoused in re ­cent months, is the Golan Heights, a 1,000-meter-high volcanic plateau that overlooks northern Israel. It has been a battleground since bibli­cal times. Israel seized the western two-thirds of the heights in the 1967 Mid­dle East war and annexed it in 1981. It refuses to surrender this occupied enclave from where it has the Syrian capital, Damascus, within the range of its artillery. READ MORE