(By Shannon Woodland) “I just remember when I woke up each morning, I would smell incense seeping into my room. And there were statues of Buddhas. … ” This was a normal day in the life of young Alex Chu. His parents were devout Buddhists and trained their children in the family religion. “I wanted to honor my parents. However, there was never a personal relationship with any of the Buddhas. It was always at a distance.” Religion wasn’t the only obligation that put him under pressure.

“Accomplishments, ambitions and achievements were essentially the non-negotiables, that which we strive for. My dad was very successful academically and professionally having two doctorates, including one from Harvard. Living in his footsteps was quite a bit challenging growing up. My mom always told me that she loved me. And my dad often times would love me by telling me that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. ” READ MORE