Blogger and Contributor to the Blaze Network, Matt Walsh recently vented about Joel Osteen and the message he presents. “If you don’t pay attention to where you’re going on the internet, you may accidentally expose yourself to some terribly objectionable content. I’m usually very careful about that, but yesterday I let my guard down for just a moment and I ended up reading a Joel Osteen tweet. I don’t follow the famous motivational speaker on Twitter, but someone I do follow happened to retweet one of his self-esteem boosting quips. It said:”

Excerpt From The Blaze:
When you can give God praise even when life doesn’t make sense, then He will release you into a new level of your destiny. I was confused. Release me into a new level of my destiny? What does that mean? And is this a reliable guarantee? If I praise God enough, can I be quite confident that I will ascend to this graduated plane of existence where greater success and fortune awaits? What can be said, then, about the people who are not at that level? Have they simply failed to be grateful? Are all the people at the higher level more grateful than the ones at the lower level? READ MORE