It now appears that the alleged “Coup” in Turkey may have been nothing more than staged theatrics to push a greater agenda? According to a report Zero Hedge, The coup is an opportunity to “to purge the military.” Erdogan also vowed to exact “the highest price” from the perpetrators. Erdogan said the coup justifies further consolidation of power.”

And now further developments are being revealed as reports indicate that a top body overseeing judges and prosecutors has dismissed 2,745 judges across the country. Anadolu Agency says the emergency meeting of the Judges and Prosecutors High Council was held Saturday, mere hours after Turkish forces quashed an attempted coup, and promptly purged the slate clean of anyone in the judicial branch who was seen as even remotely opposed to Erdogan. Keep an eye on Turkey because I believe things could definitely get interesting in the coming weeks for sure. If you want to know more about Turkey and it’s role in Bible Prophecy you can click HERE