Florida has been hit with Terrorism, Aligator attacks, Shark attacks and now according to a report from CNN, A Toxic Algae Bloom is prompting a “State of Emergency” after covering large portions of Florida beaches. Jordan Schwartz, owner of the Ohana Surf Shop, said he wanted to cry when he saw the green slime — a toxic algae bloom — covering his swath of Stuart Beach on Florida’s east coast.

“Animals are in distress, some are dying, the smell is horrible,” he told CNN on Friday. “You have to wear a mask in the marina and the river. It’s heartbreaking and there is no end in sight.” The economic impact is devastating, he said. “This town is 100% driven by tourism but the tourism is empty,” he said. “You go to the beach and it’s the height of summer and we have empty beaches, empty restaurants, empty hotels.” FULL REPORT