Have you heard the latest theories that are now circulating from the Main Stream Media? Apparently, the buzz now is that Donald Trump and Russia may actually be working together in an attempt to derail Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidential election. In fact according to a report from CNN, Whoever orchestrated the release of emails hacked from the Democratic Party computers knew exactly what they were doing.

The report indicates that the context of the hacked information that has been circulating points to outside interference from an outside power. The identity of the hackers, who shared a trove of Democratic National Committee emails with WikiLeaks, is yet to be confirmed. Yet many are already pointing the finger at Russia.  Many believe that Russian efforts to influence events across the West are nothing new including political contests in other democratic countries. The report continues to point out that Russia may be attempting to influence the U.S. election which is consistent with a growing list of allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin is actively working to weaken the West — including NATO and the European Union — through a variety of means.