The sun and moon may be contributing to triggering some earthquakes on the San Andreas fault line according to a new report today from the Los Angeles Times. The report indicates the gravitational tug between the sun and moon is not just a dance of high and low tides: It can also trigger a special kind of earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

So how does this happen? Like sea levels, the surface of the Earth also goes up and down with the tides, flexing the crust and stressing the faults inside. Further study found that during certain phases of the tidal cycle, small tremors deep underground – known as low-frequency earthquakes – were more likely to occur.

As I am reporting this California just experienced an “Earthquake Swarm” that triggered over 18 Quakes in 24 hours in Central California about 11 miles south of Hollister. The West Coast is already in a state of heightened alert after multiple outlets have warned of the overdue of a killer “Mega-Quake”that would cause catastrophic damage and generate a massive tsunami in on the West Coast.