The GOP may have just stirred up a hornets nest at the Republican National Convention! Led by nominee Donald Trump, the party is doubling down on China trashing. USA Today reports that the new Republican platform has accused China of being guilty of “cultural genocide,” “barbaric population control” and a state-backed “hostile takeover” of American businesses. Trump also went on to blame the Obama Administration for being responsible for China’s military to continue to grow more intimidating.  This no doubt has poured even more fuel on the fire of an already extremely tense moment in US-China relations.

This all follows after recently China made threats against Japan to stop interfering in South China sea. “Japan is not a state directly involved in the South China Sea issue, and thus should exercise caution in its own words and deeds, and stop hyping up and interfering,” Li said, according to Xinhua. And then in a bizarre move, China suddenly unveiled a 1,320-ton sculpture of the Chinese “god of war” recently that stands 58 meters tall and watches over the panorama of the city and its people with a grave and dignified bearing.