(Bert Farias) Moral compromise and selfish ambition have greatly weakened the American church. The gospel of success has tainted us and diluted our power with God and man, while the gospel that brings true persecution is kept under a bushel. The reverential fear of the Lord, which is a prerequisite of real revival and spiritual awakening, is clearly absent from the general overall church, save for a faithful remnant.

Compare the ministry in the early church to ministry in the mainstream Western church today. We boast in our monuments, our meetings and our men. The apostle Paul boasted of the Messiah, martyrdom and the marks on his body (Gal. 6:17). We boast in our creeds and credentials (we delight in putting our titles before our names); Paul boasted in the cross and crucifixion, though he was a very learned and educated man in his own right. READ MORE