(Reported By Christine Williams) So now there is an Islamophobia hotline, maybe coming to your neighborhood, too. This one is set up in Alberta, Canada. But let’s look at the truth about hate crimes: anti-semitic hate crimes, according to FBI stats, still by far surpass Islamophobia hate crimes, by a ratio of more than 3.5 to 1. One also has to remember that if Jews are more visible, for example, by increasing the wearing of Jewish symbols such as the kippah or the Star of David, then that ratio would likely be even higher. This inflation of Muslim victimology is appalling.

Another question to consider about hate crimes is whether they are accurately based on discrimination against difference of religion and ethnicity. Although hate crimes should never be tolerated, Westerners are becoming increasing intolerant of Muslims, but because of differences in religion and/or ethnicity, but because of threats to their well-being. CONTINUE