The Rev. Billy Graham has a pointed message to Americans who are fed up with the political process and, as a result, have decided that they won’t be voting come November: “[Voting] is a God-given responsibility.” In a Q&A posted to his Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website, the renowned 97-year-old preacher rhetorically asked what would happen if every individual decide not to vote, saying that,

“before long we’d lose our freedoms and be ruled by a power-hungry dictatorship.” While acknowledging that no governmental system is perfect, he said that indifference to the political process is dangerous to the republic. “I also urge you to vote for another reason: I believe it is a God-given responsibility,” Graham said. “When Jesus walked this earth, the whole civilized world was under the authority of one individual: the Roman emperor (or Caesar). He wasn’t elected by popular vote, nor did ordinary people have an opportunity to express their views through the ballot box.” READ MORE