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(Michael Fortner) Journalist, historian and Bible prophecy author, Michael D. Fortner has released his latest book, The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness. In his new book, he claims that a multi-nation nuclear war will take place at the end of World War III (WW3), followed shortly by an asteroid impact, both of which will cover the world with dark clouds and threaten to bring nuclear/cosmic winter.

He says the world will be in complete darkness for three days, during which Christ will return and burn up the black clouds with fire from heaven. In this way, Christ will save the world from self-destruction, even though the fire will also kill many people. The nuclear war and asteroid impact will also create poison air that will kill more people than WW3. He arrived at his thesis by analyzing many prophecies inside and outside the Bible, including the Book of Enoch, Sibylline Oracles, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and even Catholic and Protestant prophecies. He pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle. READ MORE