(Lisa Bevere) As a mom of four men, I’ve become familiar with video games. I am completely incapable of playing such games, but my boys have achieved some level of mastery. After limited observation, I’ve noticed the goal isn’t just to run through the gauntlet on one level quickly. There is always something to be picked up or learned at the current level that you will need at a later time. The first level might seem easy, but without that opportunity to develop skills, the game would be impossible to win. The same strategy that applies to virtual games can be applied in our lives.

Let’s move through life with foresight, and understand there is an opportunity to build skill and strength with every challenge. Never doubt that what seems a small or insignificant decision or gesture now may very well open a passageway or even empower us in the future. Maybe you’re waiting tables as you work toward your degree, volunteering your time as an intern or running a major company. Wherever you are, don’t miss the opportunities to do what is noble or the lessons that will help you in your next season. READ MORE