Hailstones said to be ‘as big as walnuts’ pounded Suruhuto-Asuto town, in Zunheboto district on April 18. According to local functionaries of a political party, the hailstones ‘poured down’ at around 11:30 PM, and marking one of the worst such storms in the area.  “The worst affected village was Saghemi village where roofs of 171 houses were damaged. Altogether,

the damaged houses are assessed to be above 500 in the said area,” according to a note from the NPF unit of 33rd assembly constituency, on Tuesday. The parliamentary secretary for Fisheries and Printing & Stationeries Shetoyi Sumi is said to have donated an amount of Rs. 1, 000 to each of the affected households ‘for immediate relief and rehabilitation.’ FULL REPORT