(Lisa Great) The shift is taking place, many are feeling the change in the atmosphere, as though momentum has turned in favor of the advancing kingdom of God on earth. Prophecies are coming forth, Azusa Now is over, wells are being dug, and many have made their choices and are making their choices of whose side they are going to be on. We are on the verge of the greatest move of God we have seen in our lifetime on Earth, and it is going to be powerful, exciting, challenging and all God. But as we all know, wherever there is the real, a counterfeit will rise.

I was at a birthday party yesterday and they had cake and ice cream. I noticed they had two brands of ice cream, Bryer’s, which was in its typical packaging and Blue Bunny. As many of you know Blue Bunny ice cream went through some listeria scare and had to ban all their ice cream from the shelves. This hurt their company to say the least. But what they have done is changed their packaging so people begin to buy their ice cream again. It is so subtle that very few would even notice. It looks like a brand-new brand, but it’s the same company. In the midst of the excitement, don’t stop being discerning; in the midst of the outpouring, don’t stop listening; in the midst of the new voices rising, don’t forget the Word of God. READ MORE