Once Upon a Time finally made good on its promise to include a gay storyline in season six, and it was an unexpected choice. Although Mulan (Jamie Chung) revealed her unrequited love for Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in season three, she wasn’t the one in a new relationship in Sunday’s episode, “Ruby Slippers.” However, she did help make it happen.

While Mulan is helping Ruby (Meghan Ory) find her wolf pack in Oz, they meet Dorothy (Teri Reeves) and help her try to take down Zelena (Rebecca Mader) when she steals Dorothy’s dog Toto. Ruby and Dorothy end up bonding over shared family problems, and Ruby turns to Mulan for advice about her feelings. “I know we just met, but I have never felt like this about anyone before,” she tells Mulan. FULL REPORT