(Jennifer Leclaire) When the Holy Spirit showed me word curses were coming against me, I was sort of surprised. Given the demon-inspired comments on my articles and Facebook posts—and the hate mail that lands in my inbox every day from people who don’t believe in women preachers, 21st-century prophets or the authority of the Word of God—it seemed an obvious revelation.

So I asked Him, “Who’s releasing these word curses?” He showed me a particular church I went to many years ago. That didn’t naturally make sense to me. Why in the world would I even be on their minds, much less in their mouths, after the better part of a decade had passed?

I told the people closest to me, broke word curses, blessed the ones cursing me and moved on. I thought that was the end of it—and then it manifested. One of my colleagues received a not-so-random note from a woman attending that church. A prophet on staff wanted my friend to call her right away. Though it was tempting to have her call and find out exactly what curses were being released against me, we decided not to open that Pandora’s false prophetic box. READ MORE