What do you do when your daughter lies dying in a hospital bed? How do you pray when she looks at you to say, “Mommy, I want to die and go to heaven and be with Jesus where there is no pain … you would kill yourself and go with me”? Christy Beam’s heart broke in that moment. “I felt sick, felt like throwing up,” Beam says. “What that meant to me wasn’t the loss of me, too, but it meant she had processed it, that daddy will be here to take care of other girls, they will be fine. She wasn’t going to go without me.

It wasn’t a fleeting thought, it was a thought she had taken to process the execution. … It terrified me.” The Beam family’s faith is chronicled in Miracles From Heaven by producers like T.D. Jakes and DeVon Franklin out now.Annabel Beam is a ray of sunshine for her family. The girl who plays the French horn because it has the same word as french fry is the second child for Christy and Kevin. Her story begins with a childhood diagnosis with life-threatening digestive conditions. READ MORE