Belgian police arrested three people Friday in separate raids in Brussels, including one man carrying explosives in a backpack sitting at a tram stop, according to Belgian media reports. Authorities said mounting evidence gathered in three countries shows a close working relationship between terrorists who struck in Brussels on Tuesday, killing 31 people, and in Paris in November, killing 130.

A Belgian electrician working near the scene of Friday’s raid in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels says he saw police shoot a suspect in the leg. Schaerbeek is the same neighborhood where terrorists who attacked the Brussels airport and metro station on Tuesday had a bomb-making factory.

Norman Kabir tells The Associated Press that the man was sitting at a bus stop with a young girl. He says police took the girl into safe custody then asked the man “to put the bag far from him” and that’s what he did. Police shot him twice, apparently in the leg. Kabir says “I was very shocked … this part of Brussels is very quiet.” READ MORE