(Dawn Hill) It is a vision I have seen numerous times during moments in prayer and worship—individuals and nations encased in fire and the breath of God blowing on each of them, fanning the flame to others. Not long ago, during a time of worship, the Lord showed me a vision of people as glowing embers, burning coals with no visible flame. These embers were alive and yet underestimated because a raging fire appeared not to consume them. It is tempting to miss the potential of a fire hazard with remaining embers that simply refuse to die because we are looking for the flames.

In this vision, I saw people as burning embers and as the wind of God blew on them, the glow upon them burned brighter and hotter. I then saw flames spreading in the form of small embers blowing off of them and touching those around them, causing those touched to glow and to burn. The fire of the Holy Spirit was spreading from the embers. I started digging into the definition of the ember and, in the process, I found the term that defined what I had seen in the Spirit. READ MORE