At least two major newspapers are taking to task any skeptics of the way Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was handled by Presidio County, Texas, officials on Feb. 13. The Los Angeles Times and the San Antonio Express-News have run articles critical of radio hosts Michael Savage and Alex Jones as well as Donald Trump and the immigration watchdog group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce issued a stinging rebuke, writing that Scalia’s death is “getting the full conspiracy theory treatment.”

“Officials said Scalia’s family did not want an autopsy. There was nothing to stop local authorities from doing one anyway had they deemed the death suspicious, but they didn’t. Scalia’s cause of death was declared by a county judge in a phone call. “As unusual as that might sound — and as tantalizing as it might be to conspiracy theorists — it appears to be allowed under Texas law.” Pearce said the outrage was fueled by Donald Trump, who commented during an interview with Michael Savage that questions surrounding Scalia’s death would not go away but would only intensify. READ MORE