President Barack Obama’s foreign policy over the past seven years has undermined Israel’s security by heightening threats to its existence. The perceived alienation of Israel by the U.S. has emboldened Israel’s enemies. Administration engagements in the Middle East and Africa have left behind failed states that are hornet nests of extremism and jihadists enlisted by Iran. Fueled by Iranian resources, regional Islamist organizations are more committed than ever to Israel’s destruction.

A fraudulent nuclear agreement between Iran and a group of world powers furthered the genocidal ambitions of its radical theocratic leaders against the Jewish people. Obama’s repeated snubs and slights against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signal to Israel’s antagonists that American support is less than absolute. It marks a significant departure from America’s once-unwavering commitment that started when the U.S. recognized Israel in 1948. Since then, the Jewish state has stood as a durable, reliable beachhead of Western-style democracy in a very troubled region of the world. READ MORE