The Muslim Public Affairs Council, MPAC, has challenged Republican front-runner presidential hopeful Donald Trump to a debate, saying the billionaire businessman has done nothing but incite fear among Americans since he’s taken to the campaign trail and vowing to put a stop to his blunt rhetoric.  “Ever since you announced your run for presidency of the United States, you have scapegoated the American Muslim community and other minority groups for all your perceived ills of America,” MPAC wrote in a letter to the campaign, the Hill reported.

The group also blasted Trump as being “scared of anything that is different than you.” The comments came on the heels of Trump’s repeat of a story of U.S. General John Pershing executing Muslim prisoners in the Philippines with bullets “dipped in pig’s blood,” the Hill reported. “You rely on the promotion of fear and Internet lies to fuel the flames of hate and divisiveness across our country,” the letter went on. “Well, we have news for you. We will no longer be bullied. We will no longer be your punching bag.” READ MORE