(Jeanne Nigro) If only one facet of a diamond is cut, its true brilliance will not shine forth. However, when all of the facets are cut and revealed at the same time, it radiates with majestic glory. God’s heart is like a diamond. He wants us to connect with all aspects or facets of His heart; in that way, we experience His true glory, brilliance and deeper intimacy with Him.

The “Falling Away”

The problem we have with connecting with all aspects of His heart, is that we (the church and the world) have defined and described God in the way that we want Him to be. In other words, we focus on one or maybe a few of His characteristics that we like and that serve us well, and we ignore the rest. The serious dangers of doing this are two-fold: 1) We can’t truly experience and grow in intimacy with God (or with anyone) when we only desire to know “certain parts” of them; and 2) It opens us up to be extremely vulnerable to deception, which will eventually lead to “falling away” from the faith. I sincerely believe that if we do not have true intimacy with God and experience heart knowledge of all of His characteristics (or facets of His heart), we will be among those who are at risk of falling away (Matt. 24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Thess. 2:3). READ MORE