The Azusa Call set for April 9 at the LA Coliseum will be the culmination of dreams, visions and prophecies that inspired Christian leader Lou Engle to take a giant leap of faith in his hunger for revival to sweep the world. He hopes 120,000 of all ages will join together for a day of worship and pray at the enormous venue. At a pastors’ brunch January 20th, over 500 Southern California pastors joined outside the Coliseum’s entry to pray and hear about Engle’s vision.

“In the midst of the worldwide upheaval of Islamic terror, political confusion, racial tension and the great moral slide in America, we believe that the color line can be washed away in the blood of Jesus, and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit could be unleashed as it was at Azusa Street in 1906,” he states on the website. For the past 16 years, Engle has led a youth movement seeking spiritual awakening called TheCall, best known for its prayer rallies. Engle sees the upcoming event as the pinnacle of that movement. Engle’s plans for the Azusa Call came together after a close friend had a dream that he was to buy plane tickets on United Airlines that would expire 1080 days after the dream. READ MORE