Hallmark is using politics to sell cards this Valentine’s Day. To advertise greeting cards for Valentine’s Day this year, Hallmark released multiple videos of couples sharing their love stories. Among them: a gay and a lesbian couple. A week ago, Hallmark kicked off its #CareEnough Valentine’s Day campaign by publishing a series of ads on YouTube. “How do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’?” the video description read. “Watch as six different couples share personal backstories about love and what it means to find your ‘person.'”

One of those six couples was Robin and Jason, two men raising a baby girl together. “I’ll always remember that day when we found out that we were officially pregnant,” Jason began. Robin chimed in, “It just kinda was like, whoa, we actually did this.” “We’ve always wanted a baby, and—and that was always a part of our plan, but, you know, as—as two men, it’s a complicated, difficult process,” he added. You don’t say. READ MORE