(Kathy Degraw) Jesus said when healing the blind man, “What do you want Me to do for you?” (Mark 10:36). I believe Jesus is modeling the power of our words. All through the Bible it talks about the spoken word. The Bible tells us to speak to our mountain (Mark 11:23), that death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:21) and to call things that are not as if they are (Rom. 4:17).

We need to align our words and actions with our faith. When Jesus went to heal a man, He said, “Stretch out your hand” (Mark 3:5). That man did a prophetic action. He aligned his faith with a natural action by stretching out his hand. Jesus was putting this man’s faith to action, a prophetic action.

Another time Jesus went to heal, he made the man speak out what He wanted. The blind man said, “That I may receive my sight.” The words “that I may receive my sight” were a declaration. He was declaring and speaking into the spiritual atmosphere what He wanted to see manifest in the natural realm. There is power in our words! CONTINUE