(Joe Dawson) This is going to be the year of acceleration, shifting, alignment, stepping into, regaining, fulfillment, abundance, overflow, suddenly and the year of the launch.

The Lord showed me a very clear, prophetic vision about a launching pad. Before anything is shot off of a launching pad it must be in the very center of it so that it will make sure it hits the destination. Before the people at NASA launch a rocket or space shuttle into space, they make sure it is in the center of the pad and that everything is working properly. When everything is aligned properly, then there is a sudden shifting in, and the rocket or space shuttle is shot with the great acceleration into space.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”


This is the year of self-positioning, not self-promoting. God knows the perfect timing and when we are ready for our launch. This is a year that the shifting is about to happen in our lives and ministries. There will be an acceleration and an abundance that will come from a “suddenly” moment in our life. I felt the Lord say in March and April that we will start to see numerous people who have been in the season of seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting and reading of the Word, step into a “suddenly” moment. Many people will start to walk in the supernatural things of God that look impossible in the natural.

The Lord spoke to me that this is going to be a year that many people would do great exploits for Him that naturally they have never had the courage to do. The Lord spoke to Joshua, in Joshua 1:6,-7 & 9, and told him to be strong and full of courage and do not be dismayed because the Lord is with you wherever you go.

The Lord speaks to Joshua and said, “As I was with Moses, I will always be with you” (verse 5). Moses led the children of Israel on a 40-year journey that should’ve only taken 12 days. He never prepared the people to take the promises of God and take the Promised Land. After Moses passed away Joshua took the reins and the Lord told him to prepare the people’s heart, listen to Him, send the priests and the ark in front to the Jordan River and watch what He says and does because they had never gone that way before (Joshua 3).

The priests standing in the Jordan is symbolic of the American Church going half way but not completing going into the Promised Land. God is raising up a company of Joshua-minded people who will lead America into the Promised Land. We must have Revival and Awakening in our land. In America we are about to enter into a season that we have to understand what the Lord is saying because we have never gone this way before and we’ve never done it this way before.

A few weeks ago the Lord said to “Make sure that you are fully awakened to the purposes and the plans that I’ve spoken to you and I will do all that I said that I was going to do.”

When the Lord said this, I was stirred with excitement for all of the great things that we are about to experience through God in America. Then the Lord said, “Yes, you and so many others are pregnant, dated with the purpose and a dream that I have given you, but do not push prematurely. Just like when a woman gives birth a month or two early, yes the baby will live but it needs to be developed full-term.” The Lord said, “In the right season just like I told Joshua, when you position yourself on the launching pad, I will launch you and many others to see all that I have for America in this year.”

The Lord has also been speaking to me about “supernatural thinkers”. When the Lord gives you a vision or dream, never try to figure out how you are going to do it in the natural. What the Lord is about to do in this day and hour is going to be done by the supernatural power and hand of God. God is going to make key alignments amongst people and ministries to advance the Kingdom of God in this hour. Remember my friends, the launching pad is the place of prayer!