(Ryan Lestrange / Jason Armstrong) This is a Genesis 13 moment. We don’t have time to waste on wrong alignments. This is not a complete picture, but some of the highlights of the eight mandates:

1. Expressions of the kingdom that look different. Those with a pioneering spirit will use every means possible to expand the reach of the gospel through media, technology and an evolving wineskin.

2. HUBS that take on an ekklesia approach above just a typical local church approach. The Lord is raising up a variety of HUBS to serve as the center for His plans, revival outpouring, training and equipping in regions. More and more ministries will cross over into a HUB mentality and many new HUBS will be planted.

3. Spiritual families/apostolic companies. People who are serious about the kingdom will recognize the vital need for proper relationships. They will relocate, travel and invest in order to walk out the plan with the right people. The next generation of apostolic leaders will place a high value on family, companies and relationships. The previous generation of apostolic leaders valued exploits, revelation and accomplishment. The emerging generation of apostolic pioneers maximizes the power of relational ministry to accomplish the exploits. There is a generation that is in between the two and has elements of both. READ MORE