(Ryan Lestrange) Ps. 141:3- Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.

In the realm of the spirit- the voice gives life. Things are created by the spoken word. The prophetic spirit moves in revelation and then declares what has been seen or heard. When something is prophesied there is a creative seed that is released and should be nurtured by prayer, faith & obedience to blossom into a harvest. The prophetic anointing discovers the promise through revelation.

Our prayer lives should be a prophetic canvas on which Holy Spirit paints His pictures and releases His revelation. We write or record what He says and then speak it forth. We become a prophetic rudder turning our lives in the direction of The Lord. In the realm of the spirit the voice is powerful! The enemy hates prophetic voices and works overtime to silence them. You are called to be a prophetic gatekeeper over your destiny and the destiny of your family.

Each believer has a role in the unfolding of the plans for their life. We are commissioned by God to walk in a prophetic spirit seeing, hearing and discovering the blueprints of God for our lives. Our tongue is a prophetic instrument that either establishes the purposes of God though prophetic declaration or declares curses and becomes a gateway for the evil realm. The tongue must be subdued by the spirit.

We as believers must realize that our mouths our gateways that contain vast amounts of power. When we stand upon the word of God speaking His will over our lives there is creative power that produces miracles. When we align our mouths with the thoughts, plans, and lies of the enemy we open the door to defeat,discouragement and failure. We must secure the gates with the word of God.

Our proclamation is a weapon of war! We are entrusted with prophetic keys to declare the revealed will of God and shift the course of our lives. Today we need to ponder this verse and set a guard over our mouths. Our victory lies within our profession! What we give voice to, we give life to. Let’s fuel the purposes of God be aligning our tongue with them!