The West coast has been struck by a M4.7 (M4.9 revised) earthquake off the shores of Oregon. The location struck is known as the North Gorda Ridge Segment, and is a fault zone mixed with volcanic fields reaching Northwards along the coast. 6 days ago, a warning was issued for the West coast to show renewed earthquake activity near the North Gorda segment, as well as multiple other locations.

As of January 23rd, all the West coast locations named in the earthquake forecast have been hit. The areas named were Vancouver Island (calling for M4.0 – M5.0 activity)….. Coast of Oregon (calling for M4.0 – M5.0 activity)… Challis Idaho (calling for M4.0 activity), and the coast of Baja Mexico + Gulf of California (calling for large activity above M6.0). Indeed each location was struck with the expected magnitude event. FULL REPORT