(AccuWeather) Deadly flooding is expected to surge farther south along the Mississippi River over the coming days, putting many more levees at risk for failing and more homes and highways under water. Communities along the Mississippi River in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana should be prepared for flood issues over the coming weeks as the copious amounts of water travels farther south.

Water levels will continue to rise in Memphis, Tenn. and Greenville, Miss., as well as Baton Rouge, La. through the second week of January. Levees will be forced to hold back the rising water but in some cases may fail as has been seen in the past week. Residents in these areas will want to be prepared for historic flooding.

Flooding on the middle portion of the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries reached levels not seen during the winter months since records began during the middle 1800s. Communities near St. Louis were devastated as the river entered major flood state early Wednesday morning. As of Saturday morning, the river was still considered in a major flood stage. FULL REPORT