Huge rodents – some up to two ft long – will hit the UK and will staggeringly outnumber the humans population by three-to-one. Pest control experts have made the claims and are warning people not to lay down over-the-counter poison as the rodents are immune to them, sometimes eating them as snacks. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) says the spread of the super rats has sped up in recent years because most shop-bought remedies are now ineffective.

The rats are feeding on the supposedly toxic pellets, which has helped them grow bigger and stronger as well as build up their immunity. Now there are fears that the rat population, currently standing at around 160million, will soar to over 200 million by the summer.Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA, said: “Reports of poison-resistant rats have been increasing in recent years and it seems likely that there’ll be a further surge in numbers. FULL REPORT